Second Chance Project ("Second Chance"), a non-profit, non-sectarian, multi-service agency, was organized to provide a multitude of opportunities for disadvantaged youth. Our mission is to encourage self development and continuous education.

Second Chance has established a tradition of taking the most vulnerable youth and guiding them toward a better and brighter future by providing positive role models, building self-esteem, encouraging self-development, and emphasizing the benefits of sound work habits and a solid education.

Children who receive love and support from their parents and receive a sound education grow to become healthy, well-adjusted adults. Unfortunately, there are several factors which contribute to the disintegration experienced in many families: divorce and economic hardship cause shifting parental and financial responsibilities; teenagers become parents while mere children themselves; and, drugs and violence are prevalent in our homes and communities. In addition, the public educational system is not equipped to provide the intensive instruction and personal attention required to assist these children.

For these and other reasons, many of today's children are being left to raise themselves. These children spend little time at home or in school and more time "on the streets." They receive little formal education, and their role models are not parents or teachers but criminals and entertainers.

Despite the media rhetoric, public outcry and political promises, very little is being done to reach out and rescue these children. The lack of immediate profit discourages the investment required to provide youth-related programs. In fact, the government spends more resources building jails and creating punitive measures than investing in preventative measures.

Positive parental figures are the keys to directing and motivating the youth. They can come in many forms: teachers, family members, neighbors, professional athletes, etc. Consistency and dedication are the qualities to make a positive change. Through this foundation and its many programs, these children will be given a "Second Chance" to lead productive and fulfilling lives.

The Second Chance Project is about providing hope for the future -- hope that will replace the despair of the past.

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