[Donovan, Mayor Brown and friends]
Founder Donovan Blythe, Mayor Brown, and some of the
students and staff at Second Chance Project


Second Chance Executive Director Donovan Blythe organized the effort of conscious professionals who are committed to youth empowerment. Second Chance brings a wealth of experience and expertise to motivating youth. Our concern is grounded in years of: directing group homes, teaching school, counseling youth, teaching youth the law and organizing youth sports camps and fitness programs.

Blythe managed the St. Nicholas Youth Home in his house for over 12 years. His presence and dedication has resurrected the lives of many juvenile delinquents. His exceptional counseling and motivating skills have bolstered their confidence and inspired their direction.

St. Nicholas required patience, awareness and understanding. Many of the inhabitants had previous police records. They come from abusive or broken homes. These highly volatile youngsters were given special attention and love to make a positive transformation. The challenge to direct a group home has enormous payoff. We have proficiently tutored youth in schoolwork, SAT/ACT workshops, and self-motivation.

We noticed how kids opened up within the sports environment. Consequently, we creatively utilized athletics to resurrect the values and ethics of the youth. Blythe has been directing the Peninsula Youth Basketball program for over 9 years. The program inspires male and female student-athletes to work towards their ultimate goals.

We have worked with over 3,000 children in our basketball events including: weekly summer camp sessions for all ages, high school spring leagues, travelling high school all-star teams, and individual workouts. We gained valuable event planning skills which consist of: promotions, gym rental and insurance negotiations, college and prep coach correspondence, contracting referees, employing assistants, managing the finances, and most importantly, providing an intense basketball atmosphere to develop skills and personal attributes.

We incorporate fundamentals for life success in all our programs. We stress the value of a college degree and provide educational workshops to give our member an edge. We instill respect for self and others in our members.

The diverse experiences Blythe has accumulated propels Second Chance Project into a community leader. We are teachers without physical boundaries. We go into the community to affect change. We harness the power to transform the society's destructive pattern into community prosperity.

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