[Devin Wyman]
Devin Wyman


Devin Wyman finished his first season in the NFL with a trip to the Superbowl and selection to the NFL All-Rookie Team. This scenario was a distant fantasy four years ago while confined in the California Corrections System. With dedication, hard work, and focus, Wyman transformed his intensity into meaning.

Wyman endured the rawness of East Palo Alto during it's murder capital heyday. His world was inhabited by drug users, drug dealers, violence, and hopelessness. This exposure to self-destruction became an example to follow. His only job was to survive the streets.

Donovan Blythe's concern and dedication gave Wyman a SECOND CHANCE. Wyman has gained enormous confidence from Blythe's belief in him. Even after a dream rookie season, Blythe pushes Wyman to extend his goals, but never forget where he came from.

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