[Devin and Mory]
Devin Wyman and Ascend CEO Mory Ejabat


Executive sponsor benefits include:

Youth involvement Tax exemption
Event VIP status Community development
Name recognition Image enhancement
Banner displays Media Acknowledgments
Event program ads Company site field trips

Your contribution for youth empowerment is desperately needed and enormously appreciated. The quality of opportunities for underprivileged youth will increase in direct correlation to your concern. Thank you for your time and effort in making our community a better place.

Donations are appreciated in a variety of efforts:

Equipment Volunteer work Cash
References Media Exposure Office supplies


spacer.gif (43 bytes) Special thanks to Ascend Communications, Inc., Alameda, CA, for supporting Second Chance in our initial stages. Their faith in our organization has ignited our committment and dedication to give disadvantaged children a second chance.
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spacer.gif (43 bytes) International Microcomputer Software, Inc.
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bbtlogos.gif (2669 bytes) spacer.gif (43 bytes) Borel Bank & Trust

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